Challenge Irrational Thoughts

The average person has between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day. Not every single one of these thoughts is accurate, rational, helpful, logical, true and productive. Thoughts can be free flowing where you allow your brain to have the reins over the thought patterns or you can guide the thought patterns and direct them consciously. For example…think of the ocean right now. Picture it in your head. The teal blue water; the sound of waves crashing on rocks and the taste of salt on your tongue. See, you weren’t thinking of the ocean before and now you are. This works to your benefit in regards to mental health. Acknowledge that not every thought that runs through your head deserves action nor does every thought reflect the core of your being. Develop a filter to channel rational thoughts to words and actions. Learn to challenge the irrational thoughts that may be causing you feelings of self loathing or pain by acknowledging that they are not correct and will not be controlling your words or actions.