Your life matters to us.

Your life matters to us. We want to learn your story and offer tools as you make your way on your life journey.

Northern Star your goals matter

Your gOALS matter To Us.

The therapeutic relationship is different than other human relationships; it creates space for honest communication, safe emotional expression and compassionate confrontation.

Northern Star your experience matters

Your Experience Matters to us.

We want counseling to be a life enhancing journey for you. From the time you book an appointment until the time you achieve your goals, we want you to experience a comforting space for healing and growth.

Northern Star Therapy Dog

Your Time Matters to us.

We work together to create a treatment plan and evidence based strategies that pinpoint what you want to accomplish both quickly and effectively.

You are enough.
You have influence.
You are a genius.
You have a contribution to make.
You have a gift that others need.
Your actions define your impact.
You are the change.
You matter.
— Anglea Maiers