Find Comfort

Find small, consistent comforts in your life. Even if life is uncomfortable sometimes. Explore places until you find somewhere that automatically takes the edge off your stress level. This could be a park, your garden, bookstore, restaurant, favorite coffee house, etc. It doesn’t matter where it is located all that matters is that the environment is comforting and relaxing to you. Visit this place as frequently as possible, pencil it into your schedule if needed.

Find people that are comforting. Seek out and keep people in your life who make you feel good about yourself. Who care about you. Who want you to succeed and who offer words of encouragement when you are struggling.

Eat foods that are comforting. Comfort food is a real concept. What are the foods that warm and soothe your soul?

Listen to sounds that offer you comfort. Listen to your favorite playlist, turn on a sound machine with nature sounds, let your favorite movies play in the background while you cook dinner. Music is healing for the soul.

Smell scents that are comforting. Surround yourself with fragrances enjoy. Candles, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. Choose scents that are calming, familiar and pleasing.