Forgiveness is Powerful

Developing a relationship with forgiveness is transformative and challenging. Forgiveness doesn’t equate to reconciliation or returning to the toxic environment or relationship that we survived. There are many different ways to engage in forgiveness.

-Forgiving others for harm toward you.

Finding meaning in the circumstances you survived and how it may have strengthened personal gifts you possess, understanding the circumstances or motives (not necessarily agreeing) with why someone harmed you or accepting that who hurt you has challenges they have not worked through all can assist with forgiving others.

-Forgiving yourself for past deeds.

Self- forgiveness is life enhancing. You are not perfect, but you can possess acceptance and love for yourself despite your past decisions and actions. You deserving of love just how you are now. Tomorrow is a new day if you want to make any personal changes.

-Giving yourself permission not to forgive.

In some cases, it is powerful to give yourself permission not to forgive those who harmed you but rather focus your energy on building a healthy life for yourself. There are circumstances where it is liberating to reinstate the personal power of granting yourself permission to not forgive, but still move forward and process your emotions in healthy ways.